Royal Agio Cigars, expanded it’s most luxurious brand Balmoral, with a completely new product group “Balmoral Aged 3 Years”. With this expansion, the brand, which produces short and long fillers, takes its first step in the complete restyling of the brand.

To communicate the specific USP’s of these cigars, VHD was asked to develop the packaging and cigar ring. Next to the packaging, where a lot of work went into the details communicating craftsmanship and history, also the Balmoral logo was rejuvenated. Different production techniques and materials have been used to give the packaging it’s premium look and feel.

12368 VHD Balmoral A3Y 04k


12368 VHD Balmoral A3Y 01k


12368 VHD Balmoral A3Y 06k