When Heintz van Landewyck asked us to work on a design project that would celebrate their 170th anniversary, we were very honored. When we found out more about this calendar project we also got very exited because of the total freedom in creative design and execution. Only guided by the tobacco quotes through history, divided amongst the 12 months, the pallet was completely blank and we were ready to go…

Normally every design project contains a lot of boundaries that determine how far you can take a creative idea. Next to this there are the physical limits of technical production. So you can imagine the lack of these boundaries and limits was like music to our ears and right up our alley.

At VHD we get asked frequently to set up projects that show the innovating elements of different printing and production techniques. Throughout the years we have set up our own Global Innovation Network, of prominent producers within the international packaging industry, which are more than willing to participate in these kinds of projects and take design and production to the limit. Before starting the design process we investigate which new innovations are available amongst the participants and work them into the designs. So a perfect project approach to use for this beautiful calendar.

After creating 12 separate pieces of art, one for each month, turning the tobacco quotes into a complete visual message, we chose all different production techniques that could be used to give the visuals even more impact. Using all available technical know-how and looking at the project from a suppliers point of view, really got the optimal result. This is a very important step in the process, because the choice for a certain technique or method can directly influence the choice for another discipline. A well-succeeded project step that shows what is really possible, when everybody works together and shows the best of their abilities.

When all production steps were agreed upon, we developed all needed production files in-house, made the necessary order sheets with materials and set up productions schedules with all partners. Because different companies were responsible for different production steps, a well thought-out logistic planning was very important and every step had to be performed according to a tight schedule. In the end a great result, we can enjoy the entire year, for which we would like to thank everybody involved.