20 06, 2019

VHD creates 2nd edition Balmoral Serie Signaturas ‘Paso Doble’

Last year Royal Agio Cigars introduced their new collaboration-based Balmoral Serie Signaturas platform, for which we created the first “Dueto” edition and the design strategy for future collaborations. This year we created the second edition: ‘Paso Doble’.

28 02, 2019

S – Ocean Bath Salt Packaging

Bath salt soaks help you detox, hydrate, heal your skin and the therapeutic benefits of bathing in sea salt have been around for ages. It’s rich with minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium which help strengthen the skin and improve hydration levels.

13 02, 2019

VHD is Gold partner at first ever NL Packaging Event!

On the 19th and 20th of March 2019 the NL Packaging Event will be held for the first time, in the ‘Rijtuigenloods’ in Amersfoort, and VHD will be present as a gold partner. Visit our stand B 15 for a chat or a walk along our PackagingWallofFame. Better yet, let’s discuss how to get your packaging on the wall as well. 

25 10, 2018

VHD restyling for iconic Bols Genever Range

Van Heertum Design recently renewed the design of the Bols Genever range, which consists out of the young genever, very old genever, corenwyn 2 and corenwyn 6. One bottle and three jugs that are even more radiating to be part of one Bols family. With references to the heritage and Amsterdam. The city that has been the origin of the brand that, now more than ever, stands for craftsmanship, taste, top quality and Amsterdam guts.

11 10, 2018

Marketing Tribune – “P van Packaging”

The communication mix is changing, but Packaging is a constant factor, often being a crucial part of the product’s success. Together with the BNO, Marketing Tribune (a Dutch trade magazine) formulated 4 actual packaging design challenges based on the current market situation and asked 4 design professionals (including our Strategy Director Rob van Heertum) for their feedback.

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2 10, 2018

Verpakken – “Zuivelhoeve klaar voor de toekomst”

Dutch trade magazine ‘Verpakken’ asked a few design experts, including our Strategy Director Rob van Heertum, their opinion on the latest restyling of Zuivelhoeve.

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10 07, 2018

VHD creates luxury packaging Balmoral Serie Signaturas

Royal Agio Cigars is introducing Balmoral DUETO. This is the first handmade cigar blend released under the new collaboration-based Balmoral Serie Signaturas platform and features a team up of Royal Agio Cigars’ CEO Boris Wintermans and E.P. Carrillo’s legendary Ernesto Pérez-Carrillo. While each cigar maker has a unique and personal style, they share a philosophy that passionate curiosity is essential to discovering and enjoying the best life has to offer.

9 04, 2018

Verpakken – “Geschenk of toch verpakking?”

Verpakken, a Dutch packaging trade magazine, did an article on our Aurum Brothers Varnos luxury packaging design. Read all the ins and outs of our design process.

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